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Decal Installation

Vinyl Decal Installation Guidelines

     Your decal comes in THREE layers. The very top layer is the APPLICATION TAPE. The middle layer is the actual VINYL DECAL, and the bottom is the BACKING - the waxed layer to which the decal is adhered.

     When you decide to install the decal, separate the application tape from the backing. As you peel the backing away, the vinyl decal will come up adhered to the application tape, leaving the adhesive side exposed. Be careful not to touch, or let anything come into contact with the vinyl adhesive. Install the decal with the application tape and use a squeegee or credit card to apply firm pressure to all areas of the decal. The adhesive on this vinyl is considered "pressure sensitive", so it is important to apply firm steady pressure to ensure proper adhesion. Just be careful not to tear or damage the application tape. The application tape is then removed, leaving the vinyl decal in place. Personally, I like to wait about 30 minutes before removing the application tape to ensure the decal adhesive has had time to bond well.



     Sometimes the vinyl will not stick to the transfer tape when trying to separate it from the backing. This is usually caused by certain humidity and temperature changes.

     When you decide to remove the backing, carefully peel it away at a sharp angle. If you observe the vinyl separating from the application tape, roll it back over the vinyl and apply pressure to try and get the vinyl to stick to the application tape.

     It’s also VERY important to ensure the surface to which the decal is applied is very smooth and VERY clean! Be sure to remove all traces of wax and grease.



     Your decal MUST be installed within the proper temperature range to achieve proper adhesion. The lowest temperature suggested by the manufacturer of this vinyl is 46 degrees fahrenheit. The highest recommended temperature is 90 degrees F.

  • Low temperatures will cause the adhesive to become brittle, and will not set properly.
  • High temperatures will cause the adhesive to become soft and gummy. Also not good for proper adhesion.

     In both cases, the vinyl could lift off the surface when you pull up the application tape. In cold environments, heating the area can sometimes help fix the problem.



Ensure that the surface on which you are going to apply the decal is very smooth and VERY clean!

     Along with visual contaminates, make sure you remove all traces of grease and wax. A good wash with dish detergent and warm water will work.

     It is also a good idea to wipe the area down with rubbing alcohol after cleaning, followed by a final wipedown with a lint free cloth.

     Anywhere on a vehicle window is usually sufficient. Just be sure to watch out for etched or painted manufacture markings, or any chips or cracks.

     If installing on a painted surface of a vehicle, make sure the surface is relatively flat - avoid sharp bends or complex curves as well as any gaps where body panels join. Also note that this vinyl uses "permanent" adhesive, and may damage painted surfaces if you decide to remove the decal.



     Aside from preparing the surface, all you really need is a squeegee (credit card works fine), and some masking tape may make the job easier.


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